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How do you make 21st-century skills visible and measurable in education?

Education is facing a great challenge. The labor market for which students are being taught is changing at a rapid pace. Professions change or disappear and new professions are added. In a changing labour market, education has to move along. This requires the development of new skills, better known as 21st-century skills. But how do you know that the students are sufficiently prepared to enter the labor market? And how do you make that measurable and visible?
For this 21education has developed a product.

The product contains assignments that allow students to demonstrate their skills. Students can choose which skill they want to validate by means of a self-chosen assignment. Students can also decide whether they want to carry out the assignment on a start level or on an experienced level. If a student achieved a skill - or an indicator of the skill - the student can collect it through a reward system.

Both students and teachers can provide content for the product. Existing assignments within your own educational institution can also be used. Furthermore, there's a lot of attention for feedback to support the student at any time. Regular feedback also has a positive effect on the development of the students. In addition, the student has several options to personalise the product, a very motivating feature according to the students. The product is made to match any electronic learning environment. That includes yours!

Who are we?
We are Debby Peter and Jac Rijnen, both teachers. We have completed the Master in Learning and Innovation (Educational Research). We have done extensive practitioner- and scientific research focused on te question:

How do you make 21st-century skills visible and measurable within a context-rich learning environment?

In order to formulate an answer to this question we investigated 21st-century skills. What are they, why are they so important and how does a student develop them? We began our search for a fitting product that answers these questions. Based on national and international research, both scientific and practical, we formed a design team to create this suitable product. And not without success! A product was developed that can be used within the entire secondary vocational education, regardless the study subject. A next version is also suitable for other levels, such as primary and higher school education. Both students and teachers have been closely involved in the content creation and the design of the product. As a result, the product relates to the users and is very user-friendly.

Finally, we are proud to announce that this product has won the Education Innovation Prize 2017 for the most innovative educational idea.
This product is in 2018 also selected for the Best Research and Practice Project (BR&BP) Award, wich recognises projects by practitioner researchers in the fields of education, learning and instruction, and training and development, which exceptionally contribute to educational practice.

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Debby Peter & Jac Rijnen,
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Debby Peter
Jac Rijnen